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Experience the positive effect that efficient working can have on profits.


5 tips for reducing material costs.


Tip 1 - The costs for fuel and other operating materials can be reduced using a simple trick.. Choosing the right operating speed is decisive for consumption, because not all materials that can be sucked up require the maximum operating speed.


Tip 2 – Switch off the air conditioning while suction is taking place. On hot days, the operator often jumps out of the vehicle without thinking and wants to carry out the suction work as quickly as possible and forgets to switch off the air conditioning system.


Tip 3 – To cut down the noise and the fuel consumption, switch off the suction excavator during breaks in work.


Tip 4 – Use our ground loosening tools to break up hard and heavy soil beforehand, which reduces the amount of suction work by a third in some cases.


Tip 5 – Do not overfill the container when dealing with liquids. If the filters are wet, the dust that adheres to them may harden and will be difficult to remove. The filters will be either unusable and have to be replaced, or the performance capability of the machine will become so limited that fuel consumption will increase.


Summary - The importance of operator training.

The suction excavator operator is the most important criterion in daily construction site operations. If he has in-depth knowledge of his machine and its accessories, he will be able to use them efficiently. If deficits exist in certain areas, operator training is vital. During the operator training the operator will learn how to maintain and correctly operate the suction excavator and carry out suction work in a targeted way. With his knowledge and the skills that have been learned, he will be able to carry out the suction work efficiently in future and therefore make an important contribution to increasing profit.

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