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Illuminating the way in Suction Excavator Innovation and Application

Brenchley are a well-established contractor based in Portsmouth currently working on a street lighting contract for Southern Electric in Hampshire and West Sussex. They have been using a number of larger Suction Excavators for over two years on this SEC street light replacement PFI where digging down on live cables is a highly dangerous task; Brenchley risk-assessed and found that by using suction excavation, their strike rate fell from one in every 142 mains/disconnection holes dug by traditional means (hand or small tools) down to one in every 546 holes using suction excavation. 


However, having already foreseen the benefits that Suction Excavation brought to their contract, due to the nature of the works it was found the larger Suction Excavators could not access certain areas due size and limited access. Therefore, Brenchley began to look around for a smaller unit capable of accessing restricted areas within towns and housing estates, looking to increase productivity whilst maintaining focus on Health and Safety without compromise.  However, they had reached the stage when just about all other possible options had been seen and trialled without much success.



Then came TT-UK’s timely “knock on the door” introducing Brenchley’s to the City Sucker. A demonstration of the City Sucker was arranged on site in Portsmouth and all attending quickly appreciated the efficiency and suction power of the City Sucker which surpassed anything previously seen. Most of all, due to its size the City Sucker can manoeuvre onto many restrictive job sites which larger Suction Excavators could not attempt, thus greatly improving productivity.


Mounted on the two meter wide Mitsubishi Fusso chassis, the City Sucker incorporates a single hydraulically driven high performance fan with a maximum capacity of 11,300m3/h. The hydraulically driven on-board compressor delivers 2.2 m3/min at 7 bar, enabling automatic cleaning of the fine filters and operation of pneumatic tools. The power assisted suction hose has a maximum reach of 3.55m with the option to extend and rotates 180o. Holding capacity of the material container is 1.1 m3, material can be discharged directly in to Dumpy bags using the City Suckers unique holder, in to skips or taken off site. As with all TT-UK/RSP Suction Excavators, design and options can be tailor to suit particular job applications.


The 7.5t City Sucker offers Utility companies and contractors additional opportunities to use Suction Excavation at job sites not previously accessible, increasing Health & Safety, keeping job sites clean and increasing job productivity.


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