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RS 1100 K

11,300 m³/h
max. volume flow
15,000 Pa
max. vacuum
10 m*
max. suction depth
30 m*
max. suction distance
* Depending on material
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City 7.5 Keyhole
City 7.5 Keyhole

The ESE 3 RS 1100

The RSP ESE 3 RS 1100 is ideal for use where excavations are carried out on pavements, narrow streets and market squares in the town centre. With its low unladen weight, it can even be driven in pedestrian zones without causing damage. The City Suction Excavator has a telescopic suction hose carrier with a maximum reach of 3.55 m which can rotate through a radius of 180°. 


The suction hose is 150 mm diameter and is made from a special anti-static material which has a high resistance to abrasion. The side-tipping collecting tank with a capacity of 1.1 m³ enables the excavated material to be emptied straight into BigPacks.


The ESE 3 RS 1100 K

The ESE 3 RS 1100 K is a compact working machine that impresses through its extensive technology,  expertise and practical solutions. In addition to the standard equipment with a single fan and a telescopic hose carrier with a range of 3.10 m, the development was primarily focussed on the optional circular cutter tool.

With this compact working machine, you are in a position to quickly, effectively and economically create a keyhole. You have all required tools, such as a compressor and water system available on one vehicle. Due to the container that can be folded out sideways, with a volume of 1.1 m³, the material that is sucked up can be emptied directly into a big bag or back into the keyhole to fill it again. This special implementation immediately impressed the English company Hitachi.




ESE 3 RS 1100

The FUSO from Mitsubishi has been chosen as the preferred transport vehicle because of its excellent payload capacity. Depending on the final specification, the unladen weight is approx. 6,300 kg and, in the laden state, approx. 7,500 kg depending on the material. All the power is supplied by the vehicle engine. The vehicle prop shaft drives a flange-mounted intermediate gear­box which in turn drives the hydraulic pumps. The hydraulic pumps supply the sing­le high performance fan, on-board compressor and all other hydraulic functions.


ESE 3 RS 1100 K

The Mercedes Benz Atego EURO 6 was chosen as a base vehicle. It impresses with a consistent lightweight construction and modern engine technology; the usage-specific drive section helps the Atego achieve top values in fuel consumption, driving performance and overall cost effectiveness.

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