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RD 8000

43,000 m³/h
max. volume flow
47,000 Pa
max. vacuum
50 m*
max. suction depth
150 m*
max. suction distance
* Depending on material and installed suction capacity
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RSP Saugbagger Modell ESE 26
RSP Saugbagger Modell ESE 26

The elegant yet functional design of the ESE 8 RD 8000 undoubtedly makes it a winner. The symmetrical superstructure ensures optimum weight distribution and now provides our customers with even more stowage space for optional accessories.


The entirely new cooling concept is incorporated into the top of the hose rack, itself a tried-and-trusted feature located behind the driver’s cab with access from both sides. There are also two dedicated compartments above the stainless steel stowage compartments which provide accommodation for two additional hose extensions.


Variable tilting heights, combined with container emptying from either side, give the ESE 8 RD 8000 a degree of flexibility previously unknown in suction excavators. Regardless of whether the container is being emptied into a storage area, a skip or onto a truck loading floor, it is possible to do so from either side and at various heights, increments and tilt angles.

The new central mounting system for the container and the four supports with automatic levelling system enable the container to be emptied from either side as required. The tilting height can be varied between 1.80 m and 2.50 m. The ESE 8 RD 8000 is equipped with four stabilisers which are self-levelling at the press of a button to ensure an optimum emptying position at all times.


The RSP articulated hose carrier on the ESE 8 RD 8000 is a completely new design. In order to increase the working range whilst maintaining flexibility, the hose carrier has been given an additional joint and is now mounted in the centre at the rear of the machine. As a result, the working range of the hose carrier has increased by 20% and, for the first time on a suction excavator, is now also symmetrical.


The entirely new RSP Smart Control is a high-tech control system offering an unprecedented level of precision. At the press of a button, RSP Smart Control automatically positions the RSP articulated hose carrier ready for work or transportation.


During horizontal and vertical movements, the position of the l ast boom arm along the respective axis is kept constant by automatically re-adjusting the other arms. As a result, the job gets done even more reliably and conveniently. Our new safety-focused decentralised control system innovatively enhances both comfort and operational reliability. Greater ease of maintenance and controls right where the user needs them are just two of the excellent benefits of fered by this decentralised concept.

Basic data
• Chassis Mercedes Benz Arocs
• Wheelbase 3,900 mm tridem
• Engine 375 kW/510 hp
• Vehicle width: 2,500 mm
• Gross vehicle weight 32,000 kg


Suction system superstructure
• Weight-optimised high-performance twin fan
• Symmetrical 8 m³ container – can be tilted on either sides for emptying –
  max. tilting height 2,500 mm
• Centrally mounted articulated hose carrier including 250 mm diameter suction hose
• Compressed-air system, max. 4.5 m3/min, 7 bar
• Filter system with 32 cartridge-type filters
• Safety-focussed Smart Control control system
• Stowage compartments and hose racks on both sides


Optional equipment
• RSP Drive including RSS steering system
• High-pressure water system 160 bar, 25 l/min, 400 l tank
• Hose reels for oiled and un-oiled air
• Connections for external hydraulics
• RM Vario rotating module
• RSP Telematics

Vania Hutter
Area Sales Manager France, East Europe, Australia, International
Phone +49 3671 5721 224
Fax +49 3671 5721 29
Christian Graber
Area Sales Manager UK, Scandinavia, Swítzerland, International
Phone +49 3671 5721 221
Fax +49 3671 5721 29