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RSP press releases

European Business Journal

Outstanding quality and extremely long durability – these are the promises Saugbagger Produktions GmbH from Saalfeld in Germany makes its clients. Europe-wide, the company is acknowledged as the market leader in suction dredges. Now, the company aims to go global and enter the world markets USA and Canada.

„Entrepreneur of the year“ in THURINGIA

The Thuringian Entrepreneur of the Year prize award ceremony has once again taken place at the traditional ball which was held by the German Federal Association of Medium-Sized Enterprises (BVMW) in 2013 for the twentieth time in a row.     

Illuminating the way in Suction Excavator Innovation and Application

This summer has seen the dawn of a new era in Suction Excavation with Brenchley Civil Engineering being the first company in the UK to take delivery of the new TT-UK/RSP 7.5t City Sucker.

Rescue channel laid with RSP suction excavator

The activist had no desire leave his bunker of his own accord. Throughout the night, specialists continued working on his rescue. A suction excavator, which was used to prevent vibration, took away the soil.

Suction instead of digging. Langenthal and KIBAG Thurgau have benefited from ultramodern suction excavators since the spring of this year.

A MAN tractor carries the modern superstructure, Made in Germany. There are only a few vehicles of this type in use in Switzerland. KIBAG is now a provider of these new services.

Members of the DVGW visit RSP GmbH

The DVGW is the German Technical and Scientific Association for Gas and Water and has been setting the technical standards for the safe and reliable supply of gas and water for more than 150 years. It also actively initiates the exchange of ideas and information in the gas and water industries, and supervises as well as motivates and promotes development in these specialist fields with practically related assistance. Every year, the DVGW organises a company visit. This provides better networking for the individual members of the Association and also leads naturally to a lively exchange of ideas and experience.

RSP Service moves to new Service Centre

After a building period of nearly one year, the RSP Service Department is today moving into its new premises in the former Cart Arena.

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