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Collecting tanks

RSP provides four different sizes of container. The torsionally rigid collecting tanks include the central collecting chamber with special protection against wear and tear, a rear separation chamber and the fine filter unit. The container is emptied to the side by means of a hydraulic tipping mechanism. The tipping angle is greater than 40 degrees. A stainless steel drip edge reduces contamination when emptying liquid materials.


Containers can be made partially of stainless steel as an option. We recommend this version when sucking up aggressive materials. The very smooth surfaces also assist in completely emptying the container.



Available sizes



for City 7.5



for ESE 18


6.0 and 8.0

for ESE 26


8.0 and 10.0

for ESE 32

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Area Sales Manager UK, Scandinavia, Swítzerland, International
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