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The perfect outfit for sunny days at the construction site.

RSP Truck

A very special present for all fans of the suction excavator

Wall clock

That the time does not slip away from you.

Thermos bottle for two

It warms your heart on cold days.

Mini pocket umbrella

We don’t let you stand in the rain.

Tape measure

The right measure always on hand.

Woolen cap

The THINSULATE woolen cap shields you from wind and weather.

RSP Baseball cap

Sunscreen or fashion accessory

RSP wrist watch

Coming in too late: absolutely impossible.

Folding ruler

Measures really well

Stick lighter

Made from high-grade metal.


That you are not left standing in the dark.


A tool that is always ready at hand.

Cosy blanket

Cuddle blanket to brave the cold

Card game

It chases away the boredom. 

Toiletry duo

Toilet bag for two.

Softshell jacket

Clothing that protects you in all weather conditions.

World Championship Ball

Germany has won the Football World Cup in 2014.

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Managing Director / Commercial Director
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