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RSP maintenance contracts - controlling the costs

By purchasing an RSP suction excavator, you have decided in favour of a high-quality specialist product. Only regular and professional maintenance guarantees that you get the highest return on your investment and enables you to keep your costs fully under control.

The RSP CARE maintenance package ensures that your suction excavator will be regularly serviced by highlytrained specialists who will, in addition, inspect the entire vehicle for potential problems etc. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your suction excavator enjoys optimal protection. State-of-the-art workshops and qualified personnel provide care and maintenance with genuine RSP spare parts and materials.
And if repair is needed: your service partner will pinpoint problems and deliver precise monetary calculations. So you can keep a tight rein on costs.


Optimum control on costs and the best possible protection

All the advantages at a glance

• Knowledgeable specialists carry out maintenance at your works
• We ensure your vehicle is performing at its best
• Installation of genuine RSP spare parts and materials
• Transparent and precisely calculable maintenance costs
• Detailed service documentation
• Higher re-sale value of your RSP vehicle


Ask your RSP service partner for information about RSP CARE.


The service package for your machine.

• Performance of all regular maintenance activities prescribed by RSP
• First maintenance after only 100 operating hours of the vehicle
• Subsequent maintenance after every 500 operating hours or once per
• All necessary materials are included, except hydraulic oil changes
• An oil sample is taken and analysed
• Inspection of the entire suction excavator, including the elimination
  of any small problems
• You receive a written inspection report
• Submission of a parts and labour offer if major damage is found and/or
  repairs are likely to be performed


RSP CARE Maintenance Agreements are designed to ensure continued high performance of your vehicle and deliver good returns on the resale value of your vehicle. Anticipated cost calculations help you save time and money. Our service partners are available to provide on-site problem resolution.


Take advantage of the expertise of our specialists.







Utilise the full power of our products. Contact us for personal advice:


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